Ecotec Exterior


Made from refined rock oils, which are formulated to create a tough, durable glaze, that chemically bonds with the vehicles’ paintwork. Our ceramically enhanced protective coating is manufactured using natural and synthetic resins that contain colour and gloss enhancers. These environmentally safe self- cleaning properties will save you time and money on maintaining your cars showroom shine. The Eco-friendly Ti02 formula helps prevent surface contaminants and UV fading.

All covered under our comprehensive national Lifetime Warranty*.


  • Gives your paintwork a tough, high gloss finish
  • Water simply beads and sheets off dust and dirt
  • Powerful UV filters shield against ageing, fading and chalking
  • No more cutting, polishing and waxing
  • Maintains showroom finish for top resale value
  • Ceramically enhanced scientific formula


Inspired by natures’ most water-repellent surfaces, our scientists have developed a way to create coatings with exceptional anti-wetting properties. The microstructure of the coating repels water by forcing it to bead and roll off the surface of your vehicle, taking with it dirt and other environmental contaminants.

Our green conscious formula is created by combining natural and synthetic resins, PTFE’s, polymers, carnuba ultra-high melting waxes and ceramic properties.