Paramount Paint Protection (or PPP) is the most reliable high-performance, hydrophobic coating on the market. PPP is 10H certified and has been tested on the LPH scale, which measures the hardness and strength of lead. PPP is applied by certified professional technicians by hand, panel by panel, to ensure durability and longevity. After application, each panel is exposed to infrared UV lamps to bond and solidify. This guarantees longevity, which is backed by a nationwide, lifetime warranty. PPP is the ultimate paint protection solution, creating the strongest barrier against dirt, oils, heat, watermarks and pollutants. 


Paramount Paint Protection (PPP) is the most durable paint protection on the market with incomparable longevity. It is guaranteed to last a lifetime*.


Unlike most paint protection, PPP will not break down or wear away over time. Its hydrophobic, anti-wet technology can withstand the harsh Australian climate for years to come.


PPP contains very high concentration levels of a proprietary nano-sized SIO2 material. This creates a glass-like surface with hardness and shine, unparalleled to anything else on the market.


Creates a reactive barrier that breaks down contaminants, making the job of cleaning easier.


The ceramic technology ensures strong cohesion, heat stability and zero environmental impact. The ceramic contains high levels of SI02.


Applied by our certified, qualified, trained professional technicians. Our unique heat curing process ensures that a once only application lasts a lifetime.


PPP has been created using a slower flashpoint, ensuring the coating is user-friendly for the installing technicians. The product can be layered and manipulated before being permanently cured under infrared lamps.


We guarantee the longevity of this product by providing a warranty for the lifetime of the vehicle.